Evaluation Scheme

Total Marks = 80

1. Smear: For staining and report - 5 Marks for each smear. (Maxmarks:15)

  • Five marks are assigned for correct reporting of gram reaction of organism, cells and interpretation of grams findings.

2. Culture: Identification & Antimicrobial sensitivity testing. 15 marks for each culture (Max Marks: 45)

  • Identification up to species - 5 Marks (3 marks and 2 marks for correct genus & species identification, respectively)
  • For Sensitivity - 10 marks
    Two marks each for 5 specified antibiotics. (2 marks given for correct report, minus 1 for Very major error, 0 for major error and 1 for minor error)
  • When identification is wrong, the susceptibility will NOT be evaluated.

3. Serology:
3.1: Serology: Results with correct report - 4 Marks each for 2 samples (Max marks: 8)
3.2: Blood borne viral Serology: - 6 Marks each for 4 samples, i.e. 2 for each individual correct test report (Max marks: 24)

Important points to note:

  • The decision of the Chairman & Co-ordinators regarding evaluation of the PT round is final.

  • Any discussion regarding the above will be entertained through the following email ID: iammeqas.dlh@sgrh.com

  • All vials are repeatedly tested after lyophilisation for viability and purity. If any laboratory reports as ‘non-viable’, they will be marked negatively for this.

  • Any report received after the date of evaluation fixed by the EQAS center will not be included for the same.

  • All the participants are expected to perform the tests given in the questionnaire of each QC package. If any exception, please do inform us in the questionnaire which you are going to fill up for the concerned year. Please refer to the Scope. In that case, only the total marks obtained will be given at the end of the year and the certificate with ‘scatter plot’ graph will not be given to you.