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  • Dear Participants, Seasons Greeting & Happy New Year 2018 from IAMM EQAS NEW DELHI This is the continuation to our previous mail. We hereby reiterate the following points for your ready reference:- 1. Cycle of EQAS has been changed to 3 rounds (March, July and November) of PT items instead of 4 in a year. PT scheme will have 3 PT items instead of one PT items, i.e. • 3 Smears • 3 Lyophilized culture • 4 Sera for serology & BBV 2. The last date of joining the EQAS program 2018 for all the three cycles is 31st January, 2018. 3. However, can join any time in the year. 4. For any further information visit our website, 5. Kindly share your GST number by email with us with your center code. Happy Enrolment
   From the Chairman - EQAS Desk...

Dr. C. Wattal

Prof. Chand Wattal


Dear Patrons,

I feel immensely privileged to announce the start of the fourth year of the IAMM-EQAS centre at Delhi under the aegis of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists. The new centre is named as IAMM-EQAS-DELHI. The mandate to start 2nd IAMM EQAS centre at Department of Clinical Microbiology & Immunology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi was obtained at the General Body meeting of the IAMM at the XXXVI National Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists, MICROCON 2012 held at New Delhi. (Ref. IAMM Newsletter vol. 31, Issue No. 1, 2013).

All IAMM EQAS participants have been divided into two Zones; North and North-East Zone, & South Zone. The North and North-East Zone participants are enrolled under IAMM-EQAS-DELHI centre.